Studio Gang: Architecture - Rhythm

Film by Spirit of Space with footage from Permasteelisa Group

Rhythm and pattern are themes that reoccur in our work, in part because architecture is an unmoving, monumental kind of art,” says Jeanne Gang.

⁠In a short film illustrating recurring themes of pattern and rhythm in Studio Gang's work, Jeanne Gang highlights one of the six thematic chapters in Studio Gang: Architecture. Published by Phaidon, the new monograph delves into twenty-five projects and the resonant concepts that connect them.

Now available for purchase at an independent bookstore near you, or online at Phaidon.



Phaidon — "Watch Jeanne Gang Tell You About Her New Book"

"After all, as we all know, to experiment is to take risks, to open oneself to the vagaries of the unknown and the unpredictable. A bit like cycling through the streets of Chicago perhaps? One thing's for sure: without experimentation there is no discovery; and Jeanne Gang, who founded this New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris-based practice twenty years ago, has discovered a lot."


Celebrated Living — "Moving Architecture"

"A new book showcases the work of Studio Gang, the Chicago-based architectural practice that is transforming cityscapes around the world. Here, principal Jeanne Gang describes her philosophy."


Studio Gang Publishes New Monograph with Phaidon

Published by Phaidon, Studio Gang: Architecture is a new monograph that captures the Studio’s pursuit of bold, optimistic architecture through an in-depth exploration of 25 signature projects and the resonant concepts that connect them.