Studio Gang

Founded and led by Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang is an architecture and urban design practice headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

We help people, organizations, and cities design their futures.

In Her Own Words

Building Relationships through Architecture

In her TED Talk, Jeanne Gang shares how Studio Gang focuses on creating architecture that connects people with each other and to their environment.

Discover Studio Gang in the Midwest

Use this interactive map to discover our built work in communities in and around Chicago—from Glencoe, Illinois to Kalamazoo, Michigan—as well as buildings under construction in Wisconsin and Missouri.


Connecting Communities with Tall Buildings

What if skyscrapers can be porous connectors, rather than barriers, for the public realm?⁠ Studio Gang's case study for the current issue of the CTBUH Journal explores how the design for Vista Tower works to build new connections to the Chicago River, Lakeshore East community, and beneficially contribute to the skyline.


Advocating for our Oceans through Exhibition Design

Now on display at the Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Dorée, Baleinopolis: Les Sociétés Sécretes des Cétacé reveals the fascinating, complex social structures of cetaceans and how different species’ communities function to help them survive in the ocean. The show was developed in partnership with Olivier Adam and is on view until June 7, 2020 in Paris.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger notre portfolio en français.


Sculpting Environmental and Social Advantages

The New York Times' includes Solar Carve in the fall architecture preview, describing it as "an act of architectural generosity."


Democratizing Design for a Sustainable Government Campus

The San Mateo County Government Center is a Zero Net Energy, flexible workspace that also serves as a vital civic resource and gathering space.


Bringing the Art of Performance to Everyday Life

Writers Theatre is both a region-wide cultural destination and center for community life.


Designing for the Future of Aviation

Experience our team's winning design for the new Global Terminal at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

In Her Own Words

Jeanne Gang Leads the Way on Pay Equity

She closed the wage gap at Studio Gang, and in an op-ed for Fast Company she calls on others to do the same.

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