Studio Gang

Founded and led by Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang is an architecture and urban design practice headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

We help people, organizations, and cities design their futures.

"The Art of Architectural Grafting" Is Available to Order Now!

Jeanne Gang’s new book, The Art of Architectural Grafting, is here! As reusing and adapting our existing buildings becomes ever-more critical to combatting climate change, The Art of Architectural Grafting proposes a fresh concept for bringing new life to older structures, inspired by the regenerative abilities of plants.

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We are currently seeking full-time Designers, Project Leaders, and Marketing professionals to join our friendly and supportive studio. Learn more here!

Check Out The New Gilder Center at AMNH

The Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation is now open to the public! At the time of urgent need for better public understanding of science and greater access to science education, our design for this latest addition to New York’s historic American Museum of Natural History forms a fluid landscape that heightens visitors’ sense of discovery and wonder.

Actionable Idealism

We want to live in a world where people actively support one another as part of our planet’s greater network of living things. We believe that as architects, we have a critical role to play in creating places that support environmental resiliency, foster equity and justice, and empower historically marginalized communities. Read more about our advocacy efforts.

Connecting Art and Nature

The recently unveiled design for the new home of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival will create a transformative new cultural destination for New York and the wider performing arts community by uniting the beloved theater company’s actors, audiences, and back-of-house under a single roof for the first time and extending the viable performance season.

Reinvigorating a Beloved Campus

Our expansion of Kresge College adds four new buildings—a trio of residential halls and an academic center—which together aim to restore the integrity and community spirit of the original “hill town” campus by Charles Moore and William Turnbull while simultaneously opening it up to embrace students of all abilities, the incredible natural ecology of its site, and the larger university community beyond.

Designing a Low-Carbon Future

The Enterprise Research Campus, a new innovation district in Boston, recently celebrated its groundbreaking! This new campus will expanding Boston’s network of innovation, creating vibrant and active streetscapes, in addition to opportunities for intersections between academia and education, community, health, and social impact, creativity and enterprise.

Creating Community at the Waterfront

Tom Lee Park, the newly transformed 31-acre public space set between the Mississippi River and downtown Memphis, is now open to the public! Designed in collaboration with SCAPE, the new Park serves as a community-centered centerpiece of the city’s riverfront and as a national model for inclusive and ecologically restorative urban parks.

Reimagining a Museum and Beckoning the Public Within

Creating a vibrant space for social interaction, education, and appreciation for the arts, Studio Gang’s design for the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts transforms the formerly inward-facing building into a signature civic asset.

Tackling the urgent climate challenges facing people and ecosystems worldwide


We are designing the Stanford Sustainability Commons, the University’s new home for faculty and staff across diverse disciplines, alongside partners in business, technology, and policy, to come together and drive solutions that advance the long-term prosperity of the planet.

Reinventing a Coal-Burning Power Plant as a Calorie-Burning Student Center

The greenest buildings are those that already exist. The Beloit Powerhouse demonstrates how architects can be advocates for reuse, transforming a decommissioned powerplant into student center for recreation and health.

In Her Own Words

Jeanne Gang Leads the Way on Pay Equity

She closed the wage gap at Studio Gang, and in an op-ed for Fast Company she calls on others to do the same.

In Her Own Words

Jeanne Gang on the Importance of Bird-Friendly Building Ordinances

In an Op Ed in the Chicago Tribune, Jeanne Gang and Field Museum Senior Conservation Ecologist/Ornithologist Doug Stotz urge Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development to enact building codes that are more bird-friendly.

“For Jeanne, architecture is not just a wondrous object. It’s a catalyst for change,” writes Anna Deavere Smith in her Time 100 tribute.