Juliane Wolf at Architectural Association School of Architecture

O'Hare Global Terminal Aerial Rendering, architecture by Studio Gang

Sustainable Environmental Design Symposia
Future Practice - Session 3

Juliane Wolf is participating in a symposium hosted by her alma mater, the Sustainable Environmental Design (SED) program at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. The SED aims to improve environmental quality in cities, achieve independence from non-renewable energy sources, and develop environmentally sustainable architectures capable of adapting to changing climates and urban environments.

Participating in the symposium are eight AA School SED MSc and MArch alumni:

  • Juliane Wolf (MSc 2011) Design Principal & Partner, Studio Gang
  • Suraksha Acharya (MArch 2011) Principal Architect, Midori Architects
  • Nitin Bansal (MSc 2009) Director-Projects, Morphogenesis
  • Joao Cotta (MSc 2012) Partner, Oliveira Cotta Architects
  • Irene Gallou (MA 2004) Partner, Foster & Partners
  • Daniel Chad McKee (MSc 2015), Assistant Professor
  • Alberto Moletto (MSc 2009) Moletto Architects
  • Melissa Romo Serrano (MArch 2019), Co-Founder & Principal Studio Resilia

This event is free and open to the public.


June 9, 2020
16:00 BST
Zoom Video Webinar

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Illinois Tech Magazine — "Building Sustainability"

Illinois Tech Magazine — "Building Sustainability"

"Much more than an aesthetic flourish, the glass gradient represents both an achievement in building material advancement and a step forward in energy-efficiency, two areas of architecture that Vista Tower's design principal, Juliane Wolf (ARCH ’01), has been pursuing her entire career."


ARCHITECT Magazine — "Making Space for Innovation"

Arkansas Arts Center Museum Restaurant, art museum designed by Studio Gang

"Reconnecting the currently incoherent sections of the center is the crown jewel of the project: a thin folded-plate concrete structure, dubbed the 'blossom.' It runs atop the center from the north to the south and reaches into MacArthur Park, offering a new axis of connectivity."


Chronicles of Higher Education — "It Burned Coal for Decades. Now It Will Let Beloit Students Blow Off Steam."

Axon Diagram of Studio Gang's Design for Beloit College Powerhouse

"Beloit needed a modern campus center and a new field house, and its residence halls and science complex are just up the hill from the power plant. Alliant officials liked the idea, and the college hired Jeanne Gang’s architecture firm, Studio Gang, to plan the conversion."