Glance — "Ecologizing the Factory"

"Studio Gang Founding Principal Jeanne Gang and CCA President Stephen Beal discuss the intentionality behind—and the excitement ahead of—Double Ground, the concept that will physically unite all of CCA’s fine arts, architecture, design, and writing programs in San Francisco."

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Glance — "Ecologizing the Factory"



First Look at Studio Gang’s Design for California College of the Arts

The new expanded campus, which unites the College’s Oakland and San Francisco facilities, is scheduled to open in the 2021–22 academic year.


Fast Company Names Studio Gang Most Innovative Company in Architecture for 2020

New York Magazine — "The Elemental Architecture of Jeanne Gang"

"The studio did notable work this year on an architectural level—think Solar Carve, the Memphis Riverfront, California College of the Arts—but it is also behind pioneering projects involving civic engagement and the future of cities, such as Tom Lee Park, a public park in Memphis, Tenn."


San Francisco Chronicle — "Timber! SF’s next architectural trend could be eco-friendly buildings made of wood"

California College of the Arts, a new campus designed by Studio Gang

"Touted by boosters as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete and steel, with a tactile warmth that theoretically makes for a more nurturing workplace, large buildings of structural timber have developed a cult following. . . The most visually striking of the projects will be the one at California College of the Arts."


San Francisco Chronicle — “A Design to Watch for California College of the Arts”

San Francisco Chronicle — “Noted Architect to Help California College of the Arts Remake San Francisco Campus”

“San Francisco’s newest—and potentially most unusual—college campus will be designed by one of the nation’s most highly regarded architects.”