Chicago Sun Times — "An Rx for downtown: More housing for working folks and an improved Pritzker Park"​

"We like that Pritzker Park not only will remain, but actually be given a $2 million improvement as part of the redevelopment. It also will continue to be a public park, open to all. . . . The development would put a substantial amount of affordable housing for working folks right inside a major employment center — downtown Chicago — and next to a major Loop L stop at Van Buren. And it also preserves and improves the park, rather than paving it over. There’s an added bonus: Concrete used in the project will be manufactured using a low-carbon process designed to reduce the negative environmental impact of the development overall. . . . It’s a good sign that the design team includes Chicago architectural star Jeanne Gang, whose Studio/Gang firm has a global portfolio of environmentally and socially responsible buildings, ranging from the glassy new St. Regis tower on Wacker Drive east of Michigan Avenue to the Lavezzorio Community Center at 76th Street and Parnell Avenue in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood."

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Studio Gang and The Community Builders Win C40 Cities Chicago Loop Competition

Assemble Chicago will create 207 carbon-neutral residences for downtown workforce earning as little as minimum wage, revitalize Pritzker Park, and add community spaces and amenities to the Loop.