Chicago Magazine — “Between Water and Sky”

"With major construction now all but complete, Jeanne Gang’s 101-story St. Regis Chicago, at 363 East Wacker Drive, has fundamentally shifted our vaunted skyline’s center of gravity," writes Lee Bey for Chicago Magazine. "The undulating profile of the trio of towers — the westernmost one attaining 1,191 feet, making the St. Regis the city’s third-tallest building (and the country’s 10th tallest) — takes on the tones of sky and water in a bewitching play of light and color. Gaze at the building a bit longer, and you’ll notice something else: The central tower is suspended, creating a passage underneath that connects a formerly enclosed park to the river — thus cracking open a whole new way for people to move around this oft-overlooked corner of downtown."

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Angie McMonigal