Studio Gang

Founded and led by Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang is an architecture and urban design practice headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

We help people, organizations, and cities design their futures.

Redefining the Role of Architecture in Society

Creating a Better Future by Building on the Past

WSJ. Magazine has named Jeanne Gang its 2022 Architecture Innovator for her leading role in drawing on design's ability to build public awareness and awaken change towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

"If Gang has a signature, it’s not stylistic but philosophical: Her architecture is an ongoing negotiation with nature," writes Justin Davidson for New York Magazine.

Actionable Idealism

We want to live in a world where people actively support one another as part of our planet's greater network of living things. We believe that as architects, we have a critical role to play in creating places that support environmental resiliency, foster equity and justice, and empower historically marginalized communities. Read more about our advocacy efforts.

Forming Spectacular New Connections with Science

Gilder Center Opens February 17, 2023!

The Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation wins a 2020 Progressive Architecture Award. ARCHITECT Magazine writes, "[The museum is] at once an urbanistic coup and a daring museological experiment."

A New Home and Training Tool for Rescue Workers

"Fire Rescue 2 doesn’t have the luxury of self-indulgent design," writes New York Magazine of our new FDNY training center in Brooklyn. "The architecture is only as good as the job it does, and its job is to help firefighters save lives. . . . it’s part of what makes this small, tough, and pragmatic building, far from the corridors of glamorous design, such a perfect emblem of an unusual practice. The stakes don’t preclude elegance, though — they practically require it."

Reinventing a Coal-Burning Power Plant as a Calorie-Burning Student Center

The greenest buildings are those that already exist. The Beloit Powerhouse demonstrates how architects can be advocates for reuse, transforming a decommissioned powerplant into student center for recreation and health.

In the latest issue of l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, Jeanne elaborates, "Parce que le bâtiment n’a jamais été conçu pour l’occupation humaine...Les espaces qui étaient à l’origine prévus pour la production d’électricité sont soudainement devenus grandioses et disproportionnés au regard du programme. Nous devions également prendre en compte de la valeur historique du bâtiment."

Bridging Communities with Tall Buildings

The Wall Street Journal — "A Sculptural Skyscraper for Chicago"

What if skyscrapers can be porous connectors, rather than barriers, for the public realm?⁠ As the Vista Tower (St. Regis Chicago) nears completion, The Wall Street Journal highlights the design features that make a supertall tower work at the scale of the neighborhood, calling it "easily the most important addition to the Chicago skyline in a generation—no small feat in America’s most celebrated architectural city."

In Her Own Words

Jeanne Gang Leads the Way on Pay Equity

She closed the wage gap at Studio Gang, and in an op-ed for Fast Company she calls on others to do the same.

Bringing the Art of Performance to Everyday Life

Elevation view of Writers Theatre, a cultural building designed by Studio Gang

Writers Theatre is both a region-wide cultural destination and center for community life.

Sculpting Environmental and Social Advantages

Sculpting Environmental Advantages

The New York Times includes Solar Carve in the fall architecture preview, describing it as "an act of architectural generosity."

Making Sustainability Inclusive

Studio Gang and The Community Builder's carbon-neutral Assemble Chicago will bring 207 units of affordable housing, a two-story podium of community collaboration spaces, and a revitalized public park to Downtown Chicago.

In Her Own Words

Jeanne Gang on the Importance of Bird-Friendly Building Ordinances

In an Op Ed in the Chicago Tribune, Jeanne Gang and Field Museum Senior Conservation Ecologist/Ornithologist Doug Stotz urge Chicago's Department of Planning and Development to enact building codes that are more bird-friendly.

Shaping a Shared Civic Park for Memphis

Designed with SCAPE, the new Tom Lee Park will reconnect the Mississippi River to the city of Memphis by transforming 30 acres of riverfront into a signature park where community life can flourish.

"With a steady pace that has escalated over the last five years, downtown has been pulsing back to vitality," writes The New York Times. "...ambitious new projects by leading architecture firms are at the forefront of the renaissance, using design to lift Memphis’s image in the eyes of its citizens and the outside world. In a city where the gap between rich and poor, white and Black, can seem to yawn as wide as the river, the architects behind the projects cite their ambition to bind Memphians together."

Renewing a Free-Spirited Campus to Embrace an Inclusive, Resilient Future

The renewal of Kresge College restores the original, playful integrity of the postmodern campus while simultaneously evolving it for greater accessibility, academic capacity, and environmental performance. A feature in Cultured debuts the new design, now under construction, and situates it within the Studio’s larger body of work on adaptive reuse.

"For Jeanne, architecture is not just a wondrous object. It’s a catalyst for change," writes Anna Deavere Smith in her Time 100 tribute.