Intelligent Glass Solutions — “Sculpting a Good Neighbor: New York's Solar Carve Tower”

Jeanne Gang

Intelligent Glass Solutions
USA Summer 2020 Issue



For Intelligent Glass Solutions‘ summer 2020 issue, Jeanne Gang writes about how Studio Gang’s design for Solar Carve (40 Tenth Ave) demonstrates how density can be added to the city in a sensitive way that helps to enhance its surrounding environment.

“Since the early days of the modern movement, discussions about glass in architecture have focused on the physical property of transparency and the evolving cultural meanings associated with its use. There’s no doubt that transparency will always be one of the most crucial and wondrous qualities that glass offers architecture, but there’s also no reason that today’s designers should limit themselves to exploring this single attribute. As readers of IGS are well aware, advancements in glass technology have radically expanded the characteristics and capabilities of this material over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, with emerging developments promising even more. At the same time, we have also arrived at a moment in which the urgent challenges facing our world – from widening inequality to climate change – demand that architecture find new ways of connecting with people and nature for mutual benefit. When we wield glass as a multifaceted material in service of this mission, what new trajectories for glass architecture become possible?”

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Studio Gang: Architecture - Beyond Transparent

In the final chapter of Studio Gang’s new monograph with Phaidon, Jeanne Gang asks what new kinds of glass architecture become possible when our ambitions expand beyond transparency and embrace “a culture of care.”⁠