Studio Gang Gallery

Chicago, IL

Completed 2021


1,850 sf (172 m2)


Tucked below a busy corner in Wicker Park, on the garden level of Studio Gang’s Chicago office, the Gallery is a flexible, public-facing space that supports creativity and connection in many forms.

Conceived as a means for highlighting creatives whose work is not always visible, and for generating new relationships and collaborations, the space hosts exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and other programs organized by the Studio and guest collaborators.

When not in use for a show or an event, the Gallery also provides an experimental working space where the Studio can test exhibition design and display ideas at full scale. Opening onto the Studio’s Visible Archive of models, sketches, drawings, publications, and other materials, the space reveals the evolving creative output of the office and its continual focus on designing through making.

Gallery exhibitions and events are visible from the sidewalk, giving pedestrians a sneak peek of the activity happening inside.

Previous exhibitions presented in the Gallery include A Different Future in the Making, a collaboration between Studio Gang and Blue Tin Production, the first apparel manufacturing cooperative in the US run by immigrant, refugee, and working-class women of color; and Studio Gang Mock-Ups, an archival show exploring architectural mock-ups’ role in the design process, and celebrating their quirky qualities as objects in their own right.

Located in Wicker Park, a Chicago neighborhood known for its independent arts and culture spaces, the Gallery aims to make a unique contribution to this existing ecology as well as to the architecture and design community more broadly.