Dimensions of Discovery: Environments for Learning

Galerie Archilib, Paris, France

On View
September 7 – October 27, 2023

Studio Gang

Exhibition Design and Fabrication
Studio Gang

Traditional spaces of education were set up for one-way communication, delivered to students by a teacher from the front of the room. Today, as the challenges facing our world bring new relevance to the act of learning, and the need for new methods, how can architecture respond with the design of educational environments that are more collaborative, joyful, and engaging for all?

In this playful exhibition, visitors shift between scales to discover Studio Gang’s expertise in designing unconventional learning environments, from university buildings to museums and public parks. Everyday Parisian objects—wood wine crates—transform into dioramas and plinths displaying models, sketches, and miniature scenes that bring to life fourteen different Studio projects that expand the definition of “learning space.”

Organized into four thematic categories, the selected projects also highlight shared interests and values at the heart of Studio Gang’s practice: a love of nature, a delight in hands-on making, a drive for excellence through teamwork, and a dedication to open-minded exchange.

Moving through the gallery with its four thematic clusters, visitors can examine the relationships between the fourteen projects on display or step in close for a detailed look at specific spaces and concepts.

The recycled wine crates serve as plinths for architectural models as well as containers for dioramas that animate scenes from different learning environments.

Projects featured in the “training mind and body” category are precisely tuned to the unique spatial needs of their users, accommodating their specific tools and training protocols.

Through its materials and materiality, the exhibition captures how Studio Gang itself is a lively hub for learning and making, with an ethos of sustainability and creative reuse at its heart.

Located on the busy Boulevard de la Villette in the Belleville neighborhood, Dimensions of Discovery is Studio Gang’s first solo exhibition in Paris.