WTTW Urban Nature — “Building a Bird-Safe City”

March 17, 2017

“While Chicago’s nighttime skyline offers a spectacular view for people, it can be a deadly vision for migrating birds. Thousands of birds are injured and killed here in building collisions each year during spring and fall migration.

Located on the Mississippi Flyway, Chicago lies along a critical migratory route for millions of birds flying between the northern United States and Canada—where they spend the warmer months—and Central and South America—where the birds overwinter.

While bird species like pigeons and sparrows are familiar with the urban cityscape, hundreds of migrating bird species from rural areas become easily confused by the unfamiliar sight of glowing skyscrapers and gleaming glass windows. ...

Chicago-based architect Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects has been designing and constructing buildings with bird-safe features in Chicago and beyond. Gang incorporates ‘visual noise’ elements like pattern-forming balconies and angled, downward-sloping glass, so that birds can easily locate the buildings.”

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Image courtesy Spirit of Space