Walkabout’s MONUMENTS

June 1–3 and July 7 and 8, 2018

Walkabout’s MONUMENTS transforms a public space into a dynamic exploration of human structures, tributes, and remembrance. With original stilt choreography by Kristina Isabelle and interactive scenic elements designed by Studio Gang, Walkabout’s newest summer spectacle challenges the desire for permanence in a fluid dance of imbalance and change.

MONUMENTS is presented as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks Series.

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Schedule of Events

June 1, 6 pm
Sherman Park, 1301 W 52nd Street

June 2, 3:30 pm
Senn Park, 5887 N Ridge Avenue
Presented as part of the 2018 PIVOT ARTS Festival Community Parade and joined by the Junior Theatre Ensemble of Senn Arts High School

June 3, 4 pm
Burnside Park, 9400 S Greenwood Avenue

July 7, 6 pm
Pulaski Park, 1419 W Blackhawk Street

July 8, 6 pm
Walsh Playground Park, 1722 N Ashland Avenue

All performances are free to the public.