The Site Magazine — "Studio Gang's 'Actionable Idealism'"

"Studio Gang makes aesthetically-striking, intellectually rigorous buildings and landscapes. An affinity with nature, an ostensible emphasis on wildness, runs through the meticulously designed civic buildings, urban landscapes, skyscrapers and temporary installations created by the 20-year-old Chicago-headquartered practice lead by architect and MacArthur fellow Jeanne Gang.

The monograph Studio Gang: Architecture, released by Phaidon in June 2020, probes the ideas that underly this way of ecological thinking. Drawing inspiration from both natural forms and ecological relationships, nature, for Studio Gang, is craft-based, resourceful, and networked, an approach to making design choices guided by systems-thinking and an impressive commitment to site-specific research. Tools and processes familiar to architectural practice are reinvented to tackle what Jeanne Gang has called 'no lack of urgent problems to solve in the global work of architecture'—indeed, design as creative-problem-solving is an ethical imperative for Studio Gang Architecture."

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