Studio Gang Shortlisted for Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

May 20, 2020

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation named Studio Gang as one of three finalists to compete for the commission of design architect of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. “These architects share our vision and values,” said Melani Walton, chair of the Design + Architecture Committee, “They want to listen and spend time with the community, study the ecology of the Badlands, and embrace the complexities of Theodore Roosevelt’s life.”

Jeanne Gang, founder and principal architect at Studio Gang, reflected on her experiences in the Badlands as a child:

“Studio Gang is driven by the desire to connect people with each other and their natural surroundings,” said Jeanne Gang. “I have personally been inspired both by Teddy Roosevelt's pursuit of conservation, but also by the Badland's majestic landscape and ecology. I look forward to working with OLIN and our team to realize a Presidential Library that unfolds his story as a means to connect visitors deeply with nature and to foster a new generation of citizens and leaders.”

Designs will be made public on August 10 and the TRPLF is scheduled to hold their next board meeting in Medora, North Dakota, on August 17-18.

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