Studio Gang: Architecture - Beyond Transparent

Film by Spirit of Space

Transparency is a wondrous quality and glass is a fascinating material, but it is time to untangle these terms, which have acquired new distinctions.”

With its thin layers of metals, films, ceramic frit, and micro-coatings, today’s glass is very different from the material used by the early modernists. In the final chapter of Studio Gang's new monograph with Phaidon, Jeanne Gang asks what new kinds of glass architecture become possible when our ambitions expand beyond transparency and embrace “a culture of care.”⁠

Studio Gang: Architecture is now available for purchase at an independent bookstore near you, or online at Phaidon.



Phaidon — "Watch Jeanne Gang Tell You About Her New Book"

"After all, as we all know, to experiment is to take risks, to open oneself to the vagaries of the unknown and the unpredictable. A bit like cycling through the streets of Chicago perhaps? One thing's for sure: without experimentation there is no discovery; and Jeanne Gang, who founded this New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris-based practice twenty years ago, has discovered a lot."


Studio Gang: Architecture - Rhythm

⁠In a short film illustrating recurring themes of pattern and rhythm in Studio Gang's work, Jeanne Gang highlights one of the threads of inquiry explored in Studio Gang: Architecture, a new monograph published by Phaidon.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Flow

In this short film, Jeanne Gang discusses how Studio Gang's projects take both a scientific and artistic approach to exploring the processes and properties of flow—the second thematic chapter in an upcoming monograph published by Phaidon, called Studio Gang: Architecture.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Toward Terrestrial

As Jeanne Gang explains in this short film, the third thematic chapter in Studio Gang's upcoming monograph with Phaidon, Toward Terrestrial, is made up of projects where architecture learns from and merges with nature.


Studio Gang: Architecture - Up in the Canopy

In Up in the Canopy, Jeanne Gang describes the biological diversity and enigmatic experience of the treetops—and how architecture can learn from it.


Studio Gang: Architecture - What Are You Made Of?

In What Are You Made Of?, Jeanne Gang describes the deep interest in materials and making that runs through Studio Gang's work.