Studio Gang Announces Hive Installation at the National Building Museum

April 18, 2017

Presented as part of the National Building Museum’s 2017 Summer Block Party installation, Studio Gang’s Hive creates an exciting, interactive space buzzing with activity and sound. Soaring above the Museum’s Great Hall, Hive is built entirely of wound paper tubes—a construction material that is lightweight, recyclable, and renewable. The tubes vary in size from several inches to 10 feet high and are interlocked through varying patterns of notching to create three interconnected domed chambers.

Within the chambers, visitors are invited to explore how a structure can modify and reflect sound. The smaller chambers promote organic, intimate encounters and play with tubular instruments ranging from simple drum-like tubes to chimes suspended within the space. The unique acoustic properties of each chamber affect the instruments’ tone, reverberation, and reflection as well as visitors’ perceptions.

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Hive Exhibtiion by Studio Gang at the National Building Museum