Steve Wiesenthal Elected SCUP Board of Directors Chair

Principal Steve Wiesenthal has been elected as the Board of Directors Chair for the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), serving a one year term that began in July.

Reflecting on his year ahead, he said “We have a chance to seize the current global reset to address equitable access and structural racism, in-person and distributed learning, and the very nature of academic freedom and responsibility,” Steve said. “These are larger societal challenges and issues where we can help our constituents and use integrated planning to come together and solve problems in a profound way.”

“Steve’s focus on societal responsibility,” said Michael D. Moss, SCUP’s president, “coupled with his additional sense of urgency from the environmental crisis, will help us keep our leaders at the forefront of thought leadership as they plan for the future of their campuses.”

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