San Francisco Chronicle — "While you were gone: Downtown S.F.’s 10 new architectural highlights"

"If you haven’t visited central San Francisco since March of 2020, be prepared for unfamiliar sights — like when you see an old friend and realize that your mental snapshot is out of date. The changes go far beyond social distancing decals on sidewalks outside the stores and cafes that remain open (bless them!). We’re talking re-imagined public spaces and newly opened towers, along with smaller buildings that add a visual jolt to once-busy corners. So if you are heading in, to work or shop or simply wander, these 10 spots are worth a visit — destinations conceived before life as we knew it slammed to a halt. . . .

This eye-popping Jeanne Gang tower with its energetic corkscrew calibrations already has enlivened the skyline. Now the ground level is complete as well – including a broad public staircase leading up from Folsom Street that’s perfect for a socially distanced bag lunch and a pedestrianized Clementina Street (complete with dog park!) by Interstice Architects that will only get better with age."

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