New York Times — "Where Are All The Female Architects?"

'The problem discussed here is more a societal problem than an architectural one. Transformation won’t come overnight, but there’s one thing all firms could do right now: pay men and women the same.

That’s what the architect and MacArthur fellow Jeanne Gang did for her own firm, Studio Gang, which designs the sort of high-profile projects not typically given to firms led by women.

“It’s obvious,” she wrote in a recent essay about promoting gender equality in the field. “We can start by looking to the fundamental issue of respect in the workplace — pay. Unlike other measures of value, pay is a number. It’s tangible and objective.”

It’s an essential first step toward equality that will let the profession move forward, together, to address the more complex challenges that await.'

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Fast Company — “Architecture’s Great Injustice, According to Jeanne Gang”

Jeanne Gang is leading the way on pay equity. She closed the gender wage gap at Studio Gang and calls on others to do the same.