National Precast Concrete Association — “Precast to the Rescue”

Rescue Company 2

January 23, 2017

The National Precast Concrete Association interviews Studio Gang Design Principal Weston Walker on the use of precast concrete in the Studio’s new firehouse for FDNY Rescue Company 2.

“Studio Gang sought a resilient building material that could withstand heavy use because Rescue Company No. 2 will be staging and simulating emergency situations in, on and around the building. The durability of the precast concrete panels achieves this purpose without sacrificing aesthetic quality.Thanks to the use of a variety of precast concrete products, the durable structure will serve the community for the next century. 

Additionally, the building’s precast concrete panels are designed to evoke a sense of long-term security for residents.

‘Fire Rescue Company No. 2 is a civic building, and the message that it conveys is important,’ Walker said. ‘Materials play an important role in communicating a building’s purpose. In this case, the robust nature of concrete signifies permanence and strength.’

Members of Rescue Company No. 2 will begin training in the new facility when it is completed in 2018.”

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