Landscape Architecture Magazine — "Lethal Glass Landscapes"

"The Ford Calumet Environmental Center, a 2008 proposal by Studio Gang, SCAPE, and Site Design Group that uses nest-making as a model for industrial reuse—a ribbon-like mesh of salvaged steel rebar encloses a porch and prevents birds from reaching a transparent glass facade—[is an example of] of creative approaches to bird-friendly design. . . .

Studio Gang-designed Aqua Tower—a building where undulating, wavelike balconies are themselves designed to deter bird strikes—is evidence that a balanced approach can win out. On the highly programmed deck, which includes a 1/5-mile running track, a pool, and a fire pit, the design incorporated native grasses, shade trees, ornamental trees, and evergreens along the deck’s perimeter, away from the base of the building. It’s a strategy the firm is trying to replicate more broadly."

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