Juliane Wolf at A’18 MN – The Minnesota Conference on Architecture

November 13
2:45 - 4:00 pm
Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall D
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Design Principal Juliane Wolf will deliver a keynote at the AIA MN 2018 Conference on Architecture. She will discuss the Studio’s approach to design as a medium to connect people to each other, their communities, and the environment. Presenting examples of recently completed work, she will explore how architecture can make connections at multiple scales—from the vertical residential communities of Aqua Tower and City Hyde Park, to cultural buildings such as Writers Theatre that support artistic experimentation while strengthening relationships with their neighborhoods, to civic structures such as the Eleanor and Clark Park boathouses that connect people to the environment and advocate for its ecological revitalization. She will discuss the design process in detail, outlining how strategically organized building programs can bring users together and how by continually pushing the boundaries of material and structural innovation, design can create destinations that become spaces for gathering and interaction.

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