Jeanne Gang at Future of Cities x NewCities

Jeanne Gang will participate in a panel on the topic of "Rewilding Cities" as part of the Future of Cities x NewCities series. Hosted by Greg Lindsay, the panel will also feature leading wellness expert Deepak Chopra and ecological thinker David Holmgren.

'Amidst the start of the pandemic a year ago, we were briefly given a glimpse of a possible future. As commutes ceased and global greenhouse gas emissions plunged, skies were the clearest in generations, while wild animals roamed city streets unafraid during lockdowns. Before we unthinkingly return to “normal,” how can we seize this moment to decarbonize and “rewild” our cities, resetting their relationship with nature? If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it’s the pressing need for more green, public spaces — our wellbeing and the planet’s depends on it.'


April 20. 2021
6:00 p.m. ET
Live Broadcast

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