Jeanne Gang and Sylvia Earle: “How can zoos and aquariums foster cultures of care and conservation?”

February 19, 2016
The American Theatre
446 King Street
Charleston, SC

Every year, an estimated one tenth of the world’s population passes through the gates of zoos and aquariums. How might these visitors take a fresh look at today's conservation challenges and opportunities as a result of their visit? This event, part of the South Carolina Aquarium's 2016 Questions for a Resilient Future series, will explore the fundamental question of what zoos and aquariums can be and ought to be, if they are to foster cultures of conservation. With presentations by Dr. Sylvia Earle and Jeanne Gang, followed by a panel discussion including Julie Packard of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and others, moderated by Alejandro Grajal of the Chicago Zoological Society.

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