Honey Harvest and Bioblitz 2018

September 14, 2018
Studio Gang Chicago

The Studio hosted our annual honey harvest with the Chicago Honey Co-op, collecting 40 pounds of honey from the three hives on the rooftop of our Chicago office building. In addition to the hives, the rooftop also features a prairie of regionally appropriate wildflowers and other plantings as well as a pavilion we’ve affectionately named the Treehouse. Alongside the honey harvest, we also conducted our annual bioblitz with Applied Ecological Services and youth from the Near North Montessori School to track data about the health of our rooftop ecosystem that we’ll use to measure its impact on biodiversity in the area.

Michael Thompson from the Chicago Honey Co-op brushes off bees from a honeycomb.

Studio members and guests remove the white cappings from the honeycomb before the combs are spun in a centrifuge to collect the honey.

Studio members and guests identify species of flora found in the prairie with the help of Susan Lehnhardt of Applied Ecological Services.

With Steve Apfelbaum of Applied Ecological Services, youth from the Near North Montessori School identify and count bug species found on the rooftop.