Honey Harvest 2023

November 10, 2023
Studio Gang Chicago

Since 2017 we have hosted two (now three) beehives on our rooftop “sky island,” and each year we partner with the Chicago Honey Co-op to collect surplus honey from the hives to share among our offices and friends. With the Co-op’s guidance to ensure ethical and sustainable harvesting practices, we harvested nearly 90 pounds of surplus honey this year, while leaving ample honey in the hive to eat throughout the winter.

The act of building relationships between people and the environment is central to our design approach, and the honey harvest on our rooftop is one of the ways our Studio gets closer to and learns from nature. It is one part of our rooftop’s living laboratory that helps support biodiversity and inspires us to imagine new ways of engaging with urban green roofs.

Michael Thompson from the Chicago Honey Co-op gives the team a demo of the honey extractor, which helps draw out the honey.

After extraction, the honey is filtered and packaged for sharing among our offices and friends.