Fast Company — "Inside FDNY’s Rescue Company 2, a training facility built to simulate disasters"

"Rescue Company 2, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is home to some of the New York City Fire Department’s most highly trained firefighters, who are called in for rescues from high-rises, underground subway tunnels, and other precarious places. Fittingly, Studio Gang designed interior and exterior spaces to mimic these challenging environments."

Read Fast Company's illustrated guide to the building's most innovative training features



Architectural Digest — "Neighborhood Watch"

Architectural Digest — "Neighborhood Watch"

"For the past 23 years, architect Jeanne Gang has steadily grown a practice rooted in community engagement. At Studio Gang’s latest project, a state-of-the-art Brooklyn firehouse and training facility, she explains how great design can serve the greater good."


New York Magazine — "The Elemental Architecture of Jeanne Gang"

Rescue Company 2 Firehouse in New York, a civic building designed by Studio Gang

"A Chicago architect renowned for her sublime engineering makes buildings that really work for New Yorkers."


ARCHITECT Magazine — "FDNY Rescue Company 2"

Rescue Company 2 Firehouse Exterior in Brownsville, Brooklyn; designed by Studio Gang

"Because the new building’s usable floor area was limited, . . . Studio Gang had to get creative to integrate training facilities as well. And so the firm designed two firehouses in one. . . . 'This little toolbox is about taking an ordinary building and creating opportunities with it,' Jeanne Gang says."


New York Times — “Preparing the Best for the Worst”

New York Times -- “Preparing the Best for the Worst”

Currently under construction, the Studio’s Rescue Company 2 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is featured in the New York Times.