Fast Company — "Design Indaba 2020: These social movements are set to define the design world over the next decade"

"Design Indaba’s future-forward focus means that it is always ahead of the curve. The event is a melting-pot of innovation experts who accurately pinpoint innovations that will shape a better world. Here, we’ve identified a few design modalities that need to be on your radar for the decade 25 years and beyond – as epitomised by the stellar designers that are at the very forefront of these global movements, and who’ll be presenting their ideas at this year’s landmark jubilee edition, running from 26-28 February 2020.


What’s the big idea? With two thirds of people expected to live in cities by 2050, we need to plan more human-centred urban spaces.

Why should we care? As populations increase, along with pressures created by socio-economic factors and the climate crisis, every urban dweller needs clean, less wasteful, more resourceful cities that offer superior liveability.

Where does design come in? It’s a pressing problem that designers are best-placed to solve. Trends like micro-mobility, the wellbeing economy, new energy models and sustainability will be uppermost in designers’ minds, along with urban greening, which can safeguard biodiversity and cleaner air.

Who? Architectural Review’s 2016 Woman Architect of the Year, Jeanne Gang, who also appeared on the 2019 ‘TIME 100’ list of the 100 most influential people in the world, is at the forefront of designing better cities. Driven by ‘actionable idealism’, sustainability is Gang’s guiding principle."

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Jeanne Gang will present at Design Indaba 2020 on Friday, February 28.



Jeanne Gang at Design Indaba 2020

Jeanne Gang at Design Indaba 2020

February 28, 2020
15:10 p.m.
The Artspace Theatre Centre
D.F. Malan St.
Cape Town, South Africa