Designboom — "Jeanne Gang at the 2018 World Architecture Festival"

"Tthe population is increasing rapidly, there is dangerous climate change happening, and increased inequity between people — the ‘haves and have nots.’ All of this is brewing to create very difficult conditions. Architects are trying to address these issues through designing more radically, and more sustainably. We have projects where we are doing microgrids, and we are doing carbon-neutral buildings, trying everything to bring the energy use and carbon production down. Overall, I see that most architecture is done without architects. It’s being developed at such a rapid rate. These are serious urban problems that everyone needs to think about; how can we use fewer resources and live in smaller footprints, and produce less pollution? We can think about reusing buildings in different ways instead of tearing them down and starting from scratch. We need to extend their lifespan and make projects more adaptable to uses that we can’t image right now. A lot of cities could use a high degree of density — you don’t have to use the car all the time like we’d talked about — but then some cities are overcrowded and it’s creating very harsh living conditions."

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