Curbed — "Vote for NYC’s best building of 2019!"

"Studio Gang’s 40 Tenth Avenue—once known as “Solar Carve”—wrapped up in 2019 and is a striking new addition to the collection of glassy towers that hug the High Line. It’s designed in such a way so that the structure will not cast shadows on the adjacent park, and the glass facade—which includes some three-dimensional pieces—will have less of the glare and solar heat issues typically found in those buildings. (The glass pieces are even angled in such a way to reduce bird strikes—how thoughtful."

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Architectural Record — "Solar Carve by Studio Gang"

"'We wanted to show how a building could be a good neighbor,' Jeanne Gang tells RECORD of her firm’s new speculative office building beside the High Line in New York, called Solar Carve."


Fast Company — "Tall Buildings are Leaving Cities in Darkness. These Architects Have a Radical Fix."

"Viewed straight-on from the Hudson River, 40 Tenth looks like a simple rectangle. Shift to the right or left, though, and the building cuts inward, creating a dramatic faceted facade. The new development is part of Gang’s exploration into “solar carving,” a marketable term the firm uses to describe its process of shaping buildings based on the sun’s location and its desired effect."

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