Curbed — "Mira’s twisted vision finally complete"

"MIRA, the corkscrewing luxury high-rise at 163 Main, topped out construction and started putting multimillion-dollar condos on the market earlier this year. But until now, observers couldn’t see the full effect of architect Jeanne Gang’s accordion-like design.

On Thursday, developer Tishman Speyer said that the curtain wall on the tower is now complete, the final touch in bringing Studio Gang’s plan to material reality. The building has been under construction for over two years.

What makes this geometrically intricate building unique is its modular facade system, 'made up of families of units that repeat every 11 floors.' This results in the curtain wall’s white panels twisting effect. Gang touts the look of Mira as a variation on classic SF bay windows, with a slightly different shape for each of the building’s 392 homes."

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SF Chronicle — “In Bay Area, Jeanne Gang’s architecture goes beyond head-turning towers”

"To understand why Jeanne Gang is a deeply important architect, not just a spinner of eye-catching forms, check out her four Bay Area projects. . . The eclectic mix of projects is a timely reminder that architecture should engage broader cultural needs."


WIRED — “The City-Sculpting Buildings of Chicago’s Biggest Architect”

“Gang is one of those unicorns of architecture: a designer who is not only widely respected for her research, but has, through strategic practicality and an uncanny ability to convince clients to go further than they think they can, crossed the line into building on a large scale.”