Chicago Tribune — "Best architecture for 2018"

Solstice on the Park touted as one of the year's best projects by architecture critic Blair Kamin:

"Energy-saving buildings once were visual bores. Not Solstice on the Park, by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang, an apartment high-rise just north of the Museum of Science and Industry.

The slanted windows of the 27-story building’s southern wall serve as sun shades, reducing heat gain in summer. Their angled glass should admit lots of daylight in winter, increasing passive solar warming. All green architecture should look this good."

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(c) Brian Cassella - Chicago Tribune



Chicago Tribune — “Made with the Shade: A Striking Jeanne Gang Tower Elevates its Lakefront Setting in Hyde Park”

“Amid a construction boom characterized by blandness rather than boldness, Chicago architect Jeanne Gang’s new apartment tower in Hyde Park is a striking exception: a building that turns the important but prosaic task of saving energy into muscular visual poetry.” Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin previews Solstice on the Park.


Curbed Chicago — “Inside Jeanne Gang’s Solstice on the Park”

“The striking apartment tower is a future Hyde Park icon in the making.”