C40 Reinventing Cities — "Three questions to Jeanne Gang – Reinventing Cities finalist in Chicago"

"We want to live in a world where people actively support one another as part of a greater, thriving network of living things. This calls on us as architects to design projects that create meaningful connections between individuals, their communities, and their environment," writes Jeanne Gang in an interview by C40, an international network of cities committed to addressing climate change.

Studio Gang, in partnership with The Community Builders, is currently a finalist in the Reinventing Cities competition to redevelop a site in Chicago's Loop.

"C40’s Reinventing Cities initiative clearly aligns with our mission and ideals. The program could not be more timely, as people and cities worldwide are reckoning with the COVID-19 pandemic and the equally pressing problems of climate change and inequity. It provides a great opportunity to seize this moment of collective reckoning and work toward a better future.

Especially appealing to me is that C40 is mobilizing not just architects, but the many other professionals who shape the built environment, from developers and policymakers to planners, environmental engineers, and artists. This is exactly the kind of collaboration that is needed to address today’s complex challenges. With Chicago being the headquarters of my practice, I am particularly invested in working with our team to unlock further potential in this city that we know so well. It is a rare chance to both benefit our neighbors and offer a potent model for future urban projects around the world."

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'Our Studio’s mission is to use design to make positive change for people, cities, and the natural environment. I often use the phrase “actionable idealism” to describe our intentions, because we work toward accomplishing the big ideas that move us—our ideals—through taking action in various ways.'



Chicago.gov — "City Selects Five Finalists to Compete for Loop Redevelopment Project"

The Community Builders/Studio Gang is one of five teams selected as finalists to purchase and redevelop City-owned land at Van Buren Street and Plymouth Court in the Loop in conjunction with the international C40 Reinventing Cities competition.