Artsy — “These 13 Architects Will Reshape the New York Skyline”

January 28, 2016

"New York has long been a laboratory for architecture—a “theater of progress,” as Rem Koolhaas called it in his seminal 1978 text, Delirious New York. Yet even within that tradition, 2016 is poised to be a defining year for New York’s future development. Already dubbed “the Manhattan skyline’s biggest year ever,” 2016 and the brewing changes it holds will impact, most importantly, city life, as the architects shaping New York push the boundaries of what the modern city can be.

"For the Solar Carve, which will take up residence on the High Line, Gang realizes lessons from nature more indirectly. The 12-story office tower has asymmetric profiles that almost seem like they have been shaved down or carved out of the structure. This is the result of studies of the sun’s path, which dictated the building’s form in order to minimize obstructing shadows while maximizing the flow of air and views of the Hudson. The resulting “gem-like” structure serves as a model for the benefits of solar-driven design and the ways in which sustainability can drive innovative architectural ideas."

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Photo courtesy Artsy