Arkansas Money & Politics — "Arkansas Arts Center Launches $128 Million Capital Fundraising Campaign"

"The Arkansas Arts Center has publicly launched a $128 million capital campaign to reimagine the arts institution for the future...The new center will feature renovations to the existing building, and new spaces for gatherings and community events will be created A two-story atrium will connect the galleries, the Museum school and the Children’s Theatre. There will be a new visitor entrance hall that highlights the 1937 Museum of Fine Arts façade.

A new restaurant will also be incorporated into the center’s south end. There will be shaded outdoor seating, walking paths, a great lawn and landscape features to blend the architecture with the environment."

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“Our design reimagines the Arkansas Arts Center to unlock new connections between an extraordinary art collection, thriving Museum School and Children’s Theatre. Along with much-needed renovations, new daylit spaces linked through the core of the Center will facilitate movement and create a series of vibrant, new public spaces for social interaction, education and appreciation for the arts. Opening onto Crescent Drive and MacArthur Park, the new architecture will strength the relationship between the Arkansas Arts Center and the community.”