Architectural Record — "The Future of Transbay"

"Studio Gang’s new residential tower in San Francisco, Mira, is a crisp shaft of white metal bays stacked 39 stories high, each floor twisted in a slightly different direction from the one above or below. The rippling pattern repeats itself every 10 floors, and from afar looks like a tightly wound corkscrew with a blunt top. The architecture not only exudes confidence, it showcases the fast-growing Transbay district around it—21 blocks cradled against the city’s Embarcadero waterfront and the traditional financial district, a dense neighborhood with high-rise housing and offices framing a futuristic transit station that includes a 5.4-acre rooftop park."

Having 40% of units designated as Below Market Rate "means that when you walk through the transit center’s lush rooftop park, you see families who reflect the neighborhood’s economic and racial diversity," writes John King.

“Months are nothing in relation to the life of a building or a city,” says Jeanne, on her hopes for the future. “We like cities for a reason. They’re where exchanges can happen, social as well as economic.”

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