Architectural Digest — "The 11 Most Anticipated Buildings of 2020"

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"Jeanne Gang, founder and leader of Studio Gang, is a once-in-a-generation-caliber architect whose designs bring natural wonder to the urban landscape. And her forthcoming series of skyscrapers proves, once more, her ability to add a defining characteristic to any skyline. Vista Tower, as the project is called, will be located along the Chicago River and in close proximity to the oft-traveled Lake Shore Drive, one of the main urban axes of the city. The project, which will cost roughly $1 billion, that will span some 1,191 feet into the air, making it the third-tallest skyscraper in Chicago. The lower portion of the building will house a hotel, while floors 13–93 will be all residential. Yet, much like Gang's other lauded designs, Vista was not just created for those who will be living within its walls, but also for the public walking past it each day.

'The way the building steps in and out gives a sense of movement to passersby as light plays across the building throughout the day,' says Juliane Wolf, Partner and Design Principal at Studio Gang. 'The gradient of high-performance glass on the façade enhances the stepped façade, as it gets gradually lighter as the frustum fans out.' In other words, those who pass by will not only take notice, but likely enjoy the city's latest skyscraper."

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Abitare — "Jeanne's Empathetic Towers"

Arbitare — "Jeanne's Empathetic Towers"

"Ten years ago, she opened the 'wave-like' skyscraper that has made her famous all over the world. Today Jeanne Gang is working on new high-rises in Chicago, New York, and Amsterdam. These buildings are designed to foster social relations among their inhabitants and integrate with the life of the city."

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