Architectural Digest — "Studio Gang Completes the Cosmos-Inspired Skyscraper 40 Tenth Avenue"

'The office building accomplishes what all great architecture does: It allows us to view familiar objects in a new way. Studio Gang (of which Jeanne Gang is the founder and principal architect) conceived the building almost entirely with the public in mind. (That, of course, is rare, as countless modern buildings have been designed solely to suit the expectations of their developers.) Inspired by the cosmos, Studio Gang angled the structure based on the rays of the sun during different times of day. To that end, they carved away parts of the building to allow ample amounts of sunlight to hit New York’s popular, much-traveled High Line park. Though the public green space snakes right next to Studio Gang’s building, the experience for the High Line's many visitors is not diminished—if anything, it is enhanced.'

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"Architecture creates the platform for human interaction and sets the tone for our social relationships," Gang explains. "But less noticed is how architecture mediates between people, environment, and even other species."

—Jeanne Gang