ArchDaily — "How Can Cities Help and Be Helped by Bees"

'According to the report, the best strategy is to increase the number of urban gardens. Planting the bees' favorite flowers also helps, as well as reducing the frequency of grass mowing in public parks, allowing them to blossom. Bee houses provide a more natural structure for bees and also allow a little human assistance when needed.

Hanging beehive boxes in gardens can also be extremely beneficial (not to mention being an almost unlimited supply of honey). Of course, it is important to be careful and choose the right locations and species. Perhaps the most notorious colonies are those of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which miraculously survived the fire. Some companies, however, have embraced the cause. Studio Gang, for example, has installed bee boxes in its Chicago office and Cookfox has boxes in its New York office. Interestingly, some bees travel within a radius of up to 2 km around their boxes, pollinating and spreading vitality in their path. Urban initiatives have also been implemented. London has planted a 7-mile bee corridor and Utrecht has developed bee-friendly bus stops to increase the population of these desirable insects.'

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