ArchDaily — "Eyes of the City: Seeing and Designing Beyond the Human"

Eyes of the City: Seeing and designing beyond the human, Studio Gang's Foundational Contribution to the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, is now available on ArchDaily. The project responds to the curatorial prompt by focusing on the non-human beings who also inhabit our cities, arguing that exciting new possibilities for urban life open up when architects use advancing technologies to better understand and design for more than just people.

"The advance of AI technologies can make it feel as if we know everything about our cities—as if all city dwellers are counted and accounted for, our urban existence fully monitored, mapped, and predicted.

But what happens when we train our attention and technologies on the non-human beings with whom we share our urban environments? How can our notion of urban life, and the possibilities to design for it, expand when we use technology to visualize more than just the relationship between humans and human-made structures?"

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