Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures — "Practice Makes Progress"

Jeanne Gang
Margaret Cavenagh

Dr. Franca Trubiano
Ramona Adlakha
Ramune Bartuskaite

Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures

ORO Editions/AR+D



Margaret Cavenagh was a speaker during PennDesign’s 2017 Women in Architecture symposium. Following the event, she and Jeanne Gang continued the conversation in a discussion that evaluated the conference themes’ resonance with the Studio’s organization, design process, and projects. The conversation is featured in a new book released by the University of Pennsylvania titled, Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures.

"In Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures, Associate Professor of Architecture Franca Trubiano and alumnae Ramona Adlakha (MArch’18) and Ramune Bartuskait (MArch’18) gather reflections on the renewal of feminist thought in architecture (Framing Stories), challenges to practice made possible by activism (Shaping Polemics), and portrayals of inspiring practitioners who pave the way for future women architects (Building Futures).

Women [Re]Build’s editors aim to increase the visibility and voice of women who, every day, challenge the definition and practice of architecture. The book gathers words and projects of leading women thinkers, activists, designers, and builders who have dared to ask, 'where are the women?' Where, they ask, are the women whose architectural work should be celebrated and recognized for its courage and impact; who have cultivated female leadership while challenging the very principles of the discipline they represent; and who’ve asked the most difficult and rigorous of questions of those who build their visions?"

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Dezeen — "'Show respect to women in your workforce' says Jeanne Gang"

Dezeen — "'Show respect to women in your workforce' says Jeanne Gang"

"Change isn't happening fast enough for women in architecture says Jeanne Gang, who suggests that all firms should be set a target to close their gender pay gap."

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Abitare — "Jeanne's Empathetic Towers"

Arbitare — "Jeanne's Empathetic Towers"

"Ten years ago, she opened the 'wave-like' skyscraper that has made her famous all over the world. Today Jeanne Gang is working on new high-rises in Chicago, New York, and Amsterdam. These buildings are designed to foster social relations among their inhabitants and integrate with the life of the city."

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