Surface — “Jeanne Gang: Organic Growth”

May 1, 2017

Jeanne Gang covers the Design issue of Surface magazine and is featured in a profile by William Hanley. The piece tracks Studio Gang’s rising practice through significant projects including Aqua Tower, the Chicago River Boathouses, the University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons, and Writers Theatre. It also highlights key aspects of Jeanne’s design sensibility, including a keen attention to the intersection of architecture and the environment.

“Studio Gang has major projects in the works around the world, and it has grown from fewer than 20 people before Aqua to nearly 100 working out of offices in Chicago and New York, with plans to expand in San Francisco. In addition to two skyscrapers underway, her firm’s omnivorous diet varies from cultural institutions and university buildings to urban planning schemes, civic projects, and single-family homes. The ingredient connecting all of them is the way they reflect Gang’s own sensibilities. She has an eye for formal élan, but she backs it up with research, attention to materials, and a sensitivity to the natural world. In her best work, surprising gestures are firmly rooted. Now, as her practice grows, Gang is adapting those qualities for an even larger scale.”

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Photo: Saverio Truglia