St. Louis Post-Dispatch — “36-Story Apartment Tower Planned for Central West End Site on Kingshighway”

December 9, 2016

The project, Studio Gang’s first in St. Louis, “is designed to give its residents wide views of Forest Park to the west and the Arch to the east. Each of its 305 apartments will have a corner living room to increase the amount of interior daylight. One Hundred’s facade of angled glass is intended to enhance residents’ views and to save energy.

‘In a climate with four distinct seasons, we wanted to make it possible for residents to enjoy the different views and natural changes in light over the course of the year,’ [Jeanne] Gang said. ‘By experimenting with the geometry of the facade and refining the apartment layouts, we were able to make every apartment into a corner unit perched above the park and city.’

Tiers of four stories will repeat over the height of the building, with the facade’s angles producing outdoor terraces for a fourth of the apartments. Working with opportunities provided by the site orientation and environmental forces, the building’s leaflike shape and tiered design will cut energy use and increase residents’ comfort, Gang said.

Glass walls sloped outward will make the apartments seem larger, said the architect, adding that One Hundred’s design also is intended to show that ‘people live in the building.’

Gang is likely the most celebrated architect to work in St. Louis since Philip Johnson and Tadeo Ando.”

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