Jeanne Gang at WRLDCTY

Hear Jeanne Gang's keynote, entitled "Building Better to Build Community" at WRLDCTY, the global forum for innovation. Taking place for the second time at the Time Center in New York City, talks from more than 150 speakers will be available via livestream October 26-28.

"2020 was the loneliest year of an era when more of us live alone than ever. See how thinking of city-building, rather than individual tower buildings, opens up new ways of community-building—and how strategic sculpting and shaping of architectural elements can create future forms of togetherness."

In addition, WRLDCTY hosts the WRLDCTY Leadership Day at the Times Center in New York City on Oct. 26 which will bring together the who’s who of urban planning, real estate and business.


"Build Better to Build Community"

October 26, 2021
4:30 p.m. EDT
Live Broadcast

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