Gregg Garmisa at the In-House Insider Experience

February 17, 2018

Studio Gang’s Gregg Garmisa presented the keynote lecture at Kirkland & Ellis’ In-House Insider Experience conference, an opportunity for Kirkland attorneys and alumnae to deepen their awareness of client needs and perspectives and to explore and prepare for a future career in in-house legal roles. A former Kirkland & Ellis attorney, Gregg joined the Studio in 2014 as Principal and General Counsel. The conference included panel presentations by former and present Kirkland attorneys who will share their insight into the in-house experience, as well as workshops designed to help attendees achieve their professional goals.

“Starting to contemplate big career moves might be a bit of an unknown for folks whose lives have perhaps been on autopilot. I wanted to share my own experience to let them know that this transition can be quite profound.”

—Gregg Garmisa