Chicago Tribune — “New Writers Theatre Building in Glencoe Has a Flair for Drama”

Photo: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing

February 5, 2016

“The Writers design strikes all the right notes for its setting. Exposed wood framing evokes the many Tudor Revival homes and stores on the North Shore. An earth-tone palette subtly echoes a cluster of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, called Ravine Bluffs, that's just up the road in Glencoe. And a breezy integration of art and nature recalls the open-air pavilion of the Ravinia Festival in nearby Highland Park. 

If this is a jolt of modernity, then, it's a gentle jolt, one that feels right for its place yet brings something new to it. ...

It is, on the whole, a great success, one that promises to become even more lively once it is populated with people and actors. Here, architecture doesn’t just contain performance spaces; it celebrates and enhances them, becoming a memorable part of the drama—and the suburban landscape.”

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