Chicago Reader — "Building 63rd House"

"63rd House is conceived of as an inherently multipurpose space, centering the seemingly incongruous ideas of work and community. Blue Tin, working with community leaders of color from the Chicago Lawn area, and in partnership with Chicago’s Studio Gang design firm, are envisioning a mode of economic organization that does not preclude community. Blue Tin initiated dialogue with their community partners to identify material needs of Chicago Lawn that should be addressed (among them, green spaces, computer access, and increased accessibility to mental health resources). Additionally, some of the workers at Blue Tin were already Chicago Lawn residents and engaged in the process—making 63rd House a tangible representation of a fundamental truth often denied under capitalism: that every person matters. . . .

When I spoke to Katebi and representatives from Studio Gang, I gleaned that the story of the 63rd House partnership is of the sort that can only occur within the support networks and community organizing that Chicago, and more broadly the midwest, provides. However, this collaboration is not the only thing that makes 63rd House possible. What must be centered in any conversation concerning workers’ rights and systemic change are the years of work that community, youth organizations, and Black and Brown community organizers have undertaken throughout Chicago’s south side. The scope and scale of community-led e orts in relation to what 63rd House could be for the Chicago Lawn neighborhoods is what makes such a site possible. Change happens together; we are stronger, together."

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Exhibition On View: A Different Future in the Making

Exhibition On View: A Different Future in the Making

On view until March 31, our collaborative exhibition with Blue Tin Production is the first to be held in Studio Gang's new Wicker Park gallery space and a partner program of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Visiting Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. (Tickets)

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