Hyderabad O2

Hyderabad O2

Hyderabad, India

Designed 2008

TSI Ventures / Tellapur Techno-City Private Ltd.


1.3 million sf


Hyderabad 02 transforms the traditional Indian courtyard house into a new porous building type that serves a much larger-scale development, increasing the positive benefits of density in a major urban center.

The cube-like structure wraps an ample, semi-public courtyard that reveals a faceted interior, stippled with a system of fissure-like corridors that channel breezes through the space and provide natural ventilation for the apartments.

The project draws from the haveli’s technique of self-shading to produce comfortable outdoor spaces throughout the building’s interior. Inhabitable spaces on the exterior are likewise shaded by a thin, light masonry screen, allowing just enough light and air to temper the hot climate. Amenities such as swimming pools, a cafe, and a club are woven throughout the stepped garden spaces.

Hyderabad O2
Hyderabad O2

Drawing from the architectural details of the Indian courtyard house, the building provides vital social space and natural ventilation.

South and East Elevations

Hyderabad O2

Consultant Team

Tadjer Cohen Edelson Associates, structural engineer

Spectral Services Consultants (AECOM), MEP and fire protection consultant

BuroHappold Engineering, environmental consultant

FS Engineers, geotechnical consultant

Carl Walker Parking Consultants (WGI), parking consultant