University of Kentucky College of Design

Lexington, KY

Designed 2009

University of Kentucky


40,000 sf renovation / 48,000 sf new construction

Targeted LEED Gold


Looking to encourage new enrollment and enhance a revised curriculum emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, the University of Kentucky College of Design hired Studio Gang to develop a master plan that would expand and connect its existing facilities.

The various departments of the College of Design were siloed in four separate outdated buildings on the central campus, with very little space suitable for collaborative research and social interaction. After surveying all of the College’s existing facilities and performing a full code and zoning review, Studio Gang delivered three options for growth, graphically cataloging spatial requirements and recommendations. Each option offered different means and methods for achieving the College’s goals and establishing its identity as a leading institution for future generations of design professionals. Master planning concepts were further refined into concept designs for building renovations and relocations.

Studio Gang’s plan addresses both the College’s physical needs and institutional goals by weaving together key opportunities to establish, define, and strengthen the College’s identity through architecture and landscape.